Our Beliefs


We respect ourselves

We respect each other.

We are all here to learn, listen and grow.

We encourage each other- no negative talk.

Your experience is about how you feel- not how you look.

Your progress is not a competition, there is no race to improve.

Avoid trying to be the best- just do your best. 

The building is shared with other people, please be respectful in the hallways and shared spaces.

Please no food or outdoor street shoes in the studio.

Indoor, clean, non-marking shoes may be worn.


Pl@ss Foundation


Why "Pl@ss"

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

   What does Plass mean?     Nordic    

  1. room, space (space def. syn.)
  2. a place

It is simple; a place, a space to come together, a venue, a space for all.

A place where community comes together.


Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Incorporated in 2019 as a not for profit, our founding Board of Directors are: 

President: Craig Bjornson

Vice- Pres: Diane Gludovatz

Secretary: Roberta Barens 

Treasurer: Jennifer Knetchel

Director: Lorenzo Furlan 

Director: Colleen Anderson


Join us

Board of Directors

Join us

 The Dream, a community space that is safe, affordable, adaptable, inviting, inclusive.  

Questions about running a program? Do you have ideas or suggestions? 

Feedback is always welcome. 

Please contact us 


Special Thanks


Pl@ss wishes to dedicate the space to the family of Andrea Gunnlaugson Furlan, who encouraged her to always pursue her passion in Art and physicality- while being true to her nature and clearly hereditary expressiveness. 

“To my Icelandic Grandpa Frederick Gunnlaugson (the life of the Party), and to my Parents, Terry and Susan Gunnlaugson- thank you for putting me in dance classes, thank you for supporting this space and most of all, always believing in me.”

Thank you to Lorenzo Furlan, Massimo Furlan, Diane Gludovatz, Roberta Barens, Craig Bjornson, Tyler Gludovatz, Erin Hayes, Kevin and Katherine Silen, Codi Dalen, Bart Thomas and Colleen Anderson for all their help and commitment.